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Catecoin is the one and only DeFi Meme platform

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Catecoin for Creators

We launched Catecoin with the intention to add real value to the meme world. Catecoin will allow meme creators to create and earn with their memes in a Decentralised way.

Content Farming

  • We reserved 35% CATE to content farming where tokens are given to content creator whose content is approved and receive minimum 100 likes and 10 comments.
  • Each like and comment by new addresses will give 0.1 Coin to the user and 0.1 coin to creator.
  • All users who hold min 100k coin can post and user with 10k CATE can like and comment.
  • All approved memes will be eligible for NFT minting and purchaser will get all rewards from that memes.

Hold Earn and Burn

Earn By Holding Catecoin or Earn 1% of every Transaction Done in Catecoin. You can earn with every Transaction and at the same time Catecoin supply will reduce by 1 % for every Transaction.

What is Catecoin

Catecoin vs. Doge

Catecoin Doge
Supply 100,000,000,000,000 Unlimited Supply
Burning 1 % with Every Transaction No Burning
Hodl and Earn Hodler will earn 1% of Every Transaction No Earning Option
Usage Defi Meme Platform No Utility


Name: Catecoin (CATE)
Distribution: 35% Ecosystem - 30% Liqudity - 15% Exchange Listing - 10% Marketing - 10% Team and Future Development
Contract: 0x118f073796821da3e9901061b05c0b36377b877e
Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
Purpose: Meme Plaform, Dapps

How to buy Catecoin

1. Download Trust Wallet + MetaMask

Make an account, and set your recovery phase.

2. Purchase BNB on an Exchange

Then, withdraw the BNB over to Trust Wallet.

3. Continue on PancakeSwap

Copy the Catecoin Token Address below.


Buy on Pancakeswap

Frequently Asked Quesions

Catecoin is used in Meme Platform where meme creator will submit memes and get paid by users in catecoin, Whole system will be decentralised.

You can buy Catecoin on Pancakeswap from here: Buy on Pancakeswap

The contract address of Catecoin is 0x118f073796821da3e9901061b05c0b36377b877e

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