CateCoin (CATE)
The Original Cat Meme Coin😻 App Ecosystem

CATE is your friendly, fun, cat themed token.
Released in 2021 – Fully audited for security.
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CateCoin --> The Ultimate Memecoin -->

CateCoin --> The Ultimate Memecoin -->

The CateCoin Ecosystem

CateCoin apps let you explore the world of web3 from one unified platform. Whether you need gaming, NFTs, or DeFi, CateCoin is here to serve your needs!

CateCoin is your trusted friend to explore, play and pay in web3

CateCoin is the original meme innovation project

CATE is more than a meme coin!

CateCoin was the world’s first cat-themed meme coin, released in 2021. From its inception, CateCoin’s mission has been to go beyond the typical memecoin use case, and build out a suite of fun and financially rewarding utilities for CateCoin holders and the wider web3 community.

Key products


Rise of Cats play2earn game -->

Features multiple play modes; players to earn $CATPAY reward tokens.

LUDO -->

A social bet2win game where players contribute CATE tokens then play to win the prize pool.


CatePad IDO launchpad -->

CateCoin is the only memecoin that runs its own launchpad.

CateCoin Wallet -->

A highly secure crypto wallet, available on iOS and the Google Play app stores.

NFTs + Media

CateCoin NFT Marketplace -->

Trade CateCoin cat NFTs and other in-game assets -->

The world’s first web3 meme sharing platform; mint NFTs, receive comments and tips, or trade NFTs.

Stake CATE:
Earn 15% APY

The CATE token is deflationary: A 0.1% sales tax is used to continuously burn tokens and send reflections (free tokens) to every CATE holder.

CateCoin --> play2earn --> stake2earn --> hold2earn --> bet2earn -->

CateCoin --> play2earn --> stake2earn --> hold2earn --> bet2earn -->

CATE is the utility token within the CateCoin ecosystem

CateCoin values:

CateCoin Metrics

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CateCoin Media

Download CateCoin branded graphics and icons for social sharing and Press articles.

More CateCoin media -->

CateCoin =
Cat Culture 😻
+ Crypto 🚀

CateCoin is the word’s first cat-themed meme coin

Tech Partners

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Catecoin is first Cat themed token launched in May 2021, Where project aim is to develop useful dapps that help crypto community .

Catecoin liquidity is locked and team is dedicated, Catecoin aims to develop products that help crypto community, and also bring new people to crypto,Catecoin is deflationary in nature so your value of your coin will rise with time.

You can buy catecoin from Pancakeswap or you can use Centralized Exchange like .

Catecoin is Binance Chain Token and Contract Address is 0xE4FAE3Faa8300810C835970b9187c268f55D998F

Catecoin Circulating supply is 44,100,000,000,000 tokens and Total supply after deducting Burned tokens is 60,000,000,000,000. We already burned almost 35% of supply

Yes, Catecoin is deflationary, 2% reward is also reflecting to dead address that makes catecoin deflationary.

You can stake catecoin by going to